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Jomar, Piscean, from the states, east coast and I enjoy a large variety of music although mostly Electronic. My dream is to become a musical artist of any sorts and travel the world. There's also a side of myself in which I want to explore more of and that's of being happy, discovering who I am and enjoying life.

My mind had been plagued by negativity and a constant rustling for many years so I decided to break away from that, it is a path I choose to follow with a hope that I will not fall from

Keep the balance :)

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"I imagine my heart was being broken to make it bigger in order to embrace something I couldn’t have other wise."

- Cathe Laurie  (via a-quiet-old-soul)

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Takashi Murakami (村上 隆).

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"A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally."

- Oscar Wilde (via kushandwizdom)


A Graffiti on “Bethlehem wall” in Palestine , inspired by “La Liberté guidant le people ” painting .

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Happy Black History YEAR!


loving how my old history teacher talked about them like a terrorist group

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Wow okay so for those skimming, there’s a memo up there from THE DIRECTOR OF THE FBI that sets a mission to LIE about the good things the Black Panthers were doing, spread rumors of them being terrorists, and terrorize the communities supporting them.

If you think the Black Panthers were terrorists and you’ve never heard of the community-building, it’s because there was a literal government conspiracy to make you and people 45 years ago think that way.

i’m reblogging again (bolding mine), because people need to fucking know this. especially white americans. 

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Advertising done right.

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